Writers block remembering and recording memories

Writer's Block - Remembering and Recording Memories

I used to brag all the time about how I had a photographic memory.

And I did back then.

Back when everything was easy and there weren’t so many emotions to blur my memories.

Now my mind isn’t quite the same and I have to work harder at remembering those simple memories that used to come to me so easily.

Writer’s Block – Remembering and Recording Memories

1 - Journaling

My latest obsession.

This has been just what I have been missing in my life as I try to recall back the little memories of what life used to look like on a day-to-day basis.

For example when I am journaling and I am asked about what my loved one’s favorite thing to do on a weekend was, it reminds me of old weekend routines full of pancakes and bacon, walks along the river and movies and popcorn late at night.

Nothing spectacular or really even memorable to anyone else but me.

To me those memories are priceless but easy to forget unless I record them.

That’s one of the reasons I turned to journaling. I need prompting to remember those memories.

Here is my favorite journal!

2 - Talking to Family and Friends

A great way to remember old memories is to start talking about them with different people.

Ask pointed questions at a family reunion or at family dinners.

I like to even record those conversations so I can write them down later on.

The memories that you are able to hear spark your own memories.

If you don’t live near to any family or friends, email or call them to ask them about your loved ones or even about what they remember when they were growing up.

These are the memories you want to hear.

3 - Going Through Pictures

Take a trip down memory lane by looking through old photos.

It is amazing to see how your memory comes to life when you see the actual room the memory takes place in.

You are almost transported back to that time and the details of life seem to flow naturally.

It is a great way to kickstart your memories.

4 - Taking Time to Remember

In the busyness of life, it can be hard to find a quiet moment to really think about the past.

Sometimes the memories take a little bit longer to access and you need that extra step to regain them.

That is when I set aside 10 minutes before bed.

I turn off my phone, music and any distractions and I write down memories as they come to me.

I don’t worry too much about the details at first but as the time goes by, the memories seem to fill in the gaps.

The more often you do it, the more your brain is prepared to access those old memories.

5 - Be Prepared

Sometimes memories creep up on you in the craziest places.

I even feel like that time right before you fall asleep is a great time for memories to resurface.

Be open to the memories and let them come when they can.

And then immediately write them down.

Keep a notebook with you during the day or type it in your notes section on your phone. I have even emailed myself a memory so that I have a record of it before I forget it.

Even memories can have a time limit.

So whether you have a photographic memory or one that forgets what you did yesterday, you don’t have to lose your memories.

Remember these tips and record them so you can always keep your memories close to you.

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