Rituals for comfort

Rituals for Comfort

At different points of the year, we all experience some kind of sadness after a loved one has passed away.

For some it is on anniversaries of deaths. For others it is birthdays and the reminder of birthdays passed.

Holidays and special occasions are filled with memories.

But even the daily routines spark nostalgia when a loved one is gone.

So where do you turn for peace and comfort?

For most certain rituals are done daily and throughout the year that help with grief.

Top Rituals for Comfort

Here are some examples of different daily routines and rituals that have helped others through their grief.

They may not work for everyone but maybe something will help you.

Daily Rituals

Exercise - Find some time each day to keep your body healthy. That could mean a walk, a run, or a specific exercise class. For some it may mean a hard sweat and for others it may mean a quiet stretch.

Meditation - Take 20 minutes every day to clear your mind and focus on the tasks you have at hand. This is a great way to stay centered and to acknowledge your feelings during the day.

Proper Eating - Especially during grief pay attention to your eating habits so that you are feeding your body and taking care of yourself through your basic needs.

Connection - Keep in contact with family and friends. Take this time to talk through not only your life but also their life. A great way to do this is have dinner as a family. It is a time of great connection and routine connecting family members.

Spiritual Practices - Use your spiritual practices to bring you peace and follow them daily.

Nighttime Rituals

Reflection - Think back through your day and how you are feeling. You can write it down to keep a record or you can talk about it with a friend or spouse.

Proper amounts of sleep - Each person needs different amounts of sleep. Find your optimal amount where you are the most successful and try to get the right amount of sleep each night.

Relax - Find a way to wind down from the day. It could be a warm bath or reading a comforting book.

Journal - Take a few minutes every night to journal for the day. It can be a daily report or it can be a check-in of your feelings. It is a great record of how you are feeling as time goes by.

Rituals Honoring Loved Ones

Talk to loved ones - Even though your loved ones are not there, talk aloud or in your head to your loved ones and let them know about what is happening in your life. Express how you are feeling and how much you miss them.

Photographs - Keep photographs handy and frame certain pictures so that you see them on a daily basis.

Take a walk down memory lane - Literally go and see the places where you have created memories with your loved ones. Help them become places of happiness rather than reminders of what you have lost.

Talk about your loved one - Make it a point to keep your lost loved ones in your daily conversations. Let people know it is okay to talk about them. It also keeps them in your daily life.

Say a prayer or light a candle for your lost loved ones - Honor them in your religious traditions as often as you can. It will bring comfort and peace.

Finding comfort in rituals can help you overcome your grief and build a path of peace to help you through your grief.

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